Stadtbibliothek V

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„Their experiences made me think more deeply about the notion of floating. Global cities offered new social connections that could be monetized, aboveground and below in the black market. However, the capacity to make unfamiliar connections could also turn life into a series of ruthless commodified relationships. Capitalism turned everything into a potentially salable object but it didn’t guarantee there would be buyers. So for those trying to sell something, the risk of failure was always present.“


„Städte sind auf Dauer angelegte Projekte verdichteten Zusammenlebens.“


„Die Entscheidung ist daher nicht für oder gegen eine Marke, sondern nur, ob man sie strategisch nutzt oder sie brach liegen lässt.“

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„Leipzig, that was suddenly captured at first sight once again. They live and drink coffee on top of the rubble of a long perished world. One story ore another will be told, but one can’t remember so well anymore. Identity, this phantom of the modern world nearly overdrawn to the point of absolute fragility, is now, since all stories have found their ends, henceforth a fabrication.“


Über Christoph Funk

Christoph Funk, geboren in Karl-Marx-Stadt.
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